I am part of this amazing long term, sustainable and secure business opportunity. Which is still in PRE LAUNCH, we are operating worldwide and members are growing fast..

What is Omega
Omega Group was established in the United Arab Emirates. It has branches in Warsaw, Poland, and Kiev, Ukraine. 

Founder Nafalski is from Europe. He has more than 25 years of management experience and has more than a dozen companies. Expedite has been established. For more than 12 years, the founders have cooperated with big companies such as Pepsi and McCain, and have been reported by Forbes. 

Another founder, Lucus, from Europe, has more than a decade of banking and foreign exchange experience, and his Feat software is a well-known IT company in Europe. 

Omega is a new integrated company founded on the basis of more than a dozen companies, supported by a strong background.

Company's Source of Profit
(1) Advertising revenue - Traffic generation 
(2) Social Survey - Market Research
(3) International human resources big data, for example: helping companies to do APP experience testing and doing software client experience test tasks
(4) Foreign exchange trading - the company will show the strength of foreign exchange trading
(5) Digital currency currency trading
(6) Global remittance
(7) Ukrainian Mine - Ukrainian Industrial Park Mine
(8) Crypto Trade by abcrypto Team.

Passive Income👇👇
🌍 Static Net Income
30% in 6 months
70% in 12 months

Reinvestment Income👇👇
50 Euros can be re-invested
Re-investment 2.5 times half a year
Re-investment 5.5 times a year

Active Income👇👇
1. direct push award 6%
2. Binary Commission 5% - 9%
🥇€100-1999 5%
🥈€2000-4999 6%
🥉€5000-9999 7%
🏅€14,000-24999 8%
🎖€25,000—more than 9%
3. Performance award 0.25%-1%
4. Leadership award 10%
5. Rewards👇
iPhone, computer, Omega watch, travel, BMW, Ferrari, overseas luxury home

Omega members can join the investment of only 100 Euros. 

They only need a little advertisement every day to do market research questionnaires. 

They can easily earn 30% in half a year, 70% in one year, and also extra bonuses. The project has just started, the market is blank, you can become a pioneer in your country & benefit in the long run.

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