Diversity Fund Club operates as an investment fund that uses member deposits to invest in a variety of online markets such as 
crypto-currency trading, HYIP sites, PTC sites, among others. 
The portfolio of investments and their results is public.

Any investor knows that one of the rules of success is not to put "all the eggs in the same basket", the diversification of investments helps to minimise the risk. 
Even so, the higher the value invested in websites, the faster the return is, which is why sites like the Diversity Fund Club are successful because they can raise high funds to market.

You can start your investments in the site from $ 25 only and you can still leave the earnings to accumulate in the balance to reinvest in the purchase of new packages avoiding new external deposits.

You earn profit daily from 0.8 to 1.3% per day and 5 to 8% per week. 
Obviously it is not fixed and depends on the REAL results that the site can reach with its investments.

Talking now on ways to make money without investing, there is a Paid To Click ads section where you earn $ 0.004 per click. You will find several sites available to click every 24 hours.

Another way to make money is by inviting,
You receive a commission of 8% for each purchase of your direct referrals.

These two methods of earnings can be used by any type of member, even if you have never bought a Profit-Pack or intend to do so. You can be a free member on the site and still be paid when you reach the minimum payment.

To request this payment you must accumulate at least $ 5 in balance, but you can still use your earnings in PTC or with referrals to reinvest in the purchase of the packages and thus earn money seriously and passively!

You can try out the site as a free member !

You can join with this link