myPassiveShares - ("MPS") - is an advertising platform created by the admin of a PTC which worked very well from June to December 2019, i.e. more than 6 months, and which allows advertisers to reach thousands of customers potential.

For the moment the program is in pre-launch until May 1st. Now is a good time to register.

The company announces that it will offer real quality advertising services with high exposure. That’s what we’ll see after the launch on April 15.

In addition, MPS members can earn money by viewing advertisers' websites in real time. Just buy at least one adpack. You can then assign credits to your website (s) in order to have them appear on myPassiveShares.

To these adpacks is added the Gold Matrix Cycler program. It is a 2x2 forced die. So no sponsorship or referral necessary. You receive a position in the matrix when you switch to Gold membership. All upgrades and new registrations are processed automatically! No need to pay or buy anything.

The company does not promise a high yield of 4 to 5% per day, but it has the potential to hold for the long term and earn stable income.

The income announced is not fixed because it depends on the activity of the company but it is between 1% and 1.5% per day until the expiration of the pack at 120%. So in about 2 months (+ or -), you can make your ROI.

You have to surf on 10 ads of 20s. every 24 hours. If you do not, you will not receive winnings for that day. The announcements are reset at midnight (00:00 hrs server time). A counter indicates the expiration time of the 24-hour clock.

Added to this is the Gold matrix compensation plan. You will earn from $ 25 to $ 135 each cycle + a matching bonus + advertising credits and banners (you must pay the annual Gold subscription for this)

The plans
Adpack (Free Membership)
- 50,000 Banner Ads Credits,
- 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits,
- 1 Day Login Ads.

Adpack (Gold Membership $ 170 per year)
- 150,000 Banner Ads Credits,
- 1500 Traffic Exchange Credits,
- 1 Day Login Ads.

Gold Membership
- 500,000 Banner Ads Credits,
- 5000 Traffic Exchange Credits,
- 10 Day Login Ads.

Payment processors: Perfect Money, Payeer or bitcoin / ether / bitcoincash / dash / litecoin.

Minimum withdrawal amount
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 20.00 (due to high transaction fees). Automatic and instant sending in your wallet.

You will earn 10% of your referrals' advertising purchases, and 20% of commissions when they upgrade their accounts. No deposit is required to earn these commissions, no purchase conditions.

10% of purchases of advertising packages from your referrals + 20% on Gold memberships.
deposit and withdrawal

    Perfect Money, Payeer ou bitcoin/ether/bitcoincash/dash/litecoin